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Simple webpage & CMS using Google Docs


My 7 year old expressed interest in having his own web page, and I wanted a solution that he could update using his heavily secured school iPad.

The result was


  • Create a Google Doc using kid’s Google account
  • If you’d like some level of oversight:
    • Share the document to yourself parent as Editor (File > Share > Share with Others)
    • Set up notifications to alert you of changes
  • Publish the document as iframe (File > Share > Publish to Web)
    • Click Embed and copy the iframe HTML.
  • Create a new Github Pages static page.
  • Edit index.html, replacing the iframe with the one you copied from Google Docs.

	<title>Brooks Dot Cool</title>
		body {
			width: 100%;
			height: 100%;
			margin: 0;
			padding: 0;
			display: flex;
			flex-direction: column;
			align-items: center;

		iframe {
			max-width: 468pt;
			margin: 0 auto;
			height: 100%;
			margin: 0;
			padding: 0;
			border: 0;

	<!--- Replace the line below //-->
	<iframe width="100%"


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