Idea - ZipCar Scavenger Hunt
Thursday, July 21, 2011

For those of you who aren’t in the know, ZipCar is an all-inclusive short-term car rental service, allowing you to rent a car for the exact amount of time you need it.  You can get one to pick people up from the airport, get groceries, pick up a prostitute, make an Ikea run, or simply to drive around the beautiful city.  To say that the Missus and I use ZipCar is an understatement.

While on a short trip South last week, we were listening to the car’s stereo, and an idea dawned on me: ZipCar should have a scavenger hunt for the modern day scavenger.

Think about the following scenario:

When arriving at your rented ZipCar, you unlock / get in / start the car.  But with the car’s motor starting, a CD in the stereo begins as well.  A friendly, yet authoritative voice (in my head, it’s Ira Glass) says,

“Hello, ZipCar driver. While we know you’re a very busy person, we thought you might also like the opportunity to turn this trip into an adventure.  If you choose to accept, continue to listen.  If you do not, we completely understand.  If you could be as kind as to rewind this track to the beginning and stop the CD player for the next person, we’d appreciate it.

You’re still here?  Splendid.  Welcome to your ZipCar adventure.”

From here, the trip would resemble a GPS-guided trip, but creating challenges to continue to the next checkpoint.

“You seek a statue of a master. The Golden Gate, it is by.  Do or do not.  There is no try.”

When arriving at the checkpoint, a laminated note rests in front of the Yoda statue at Industrial Light and Magic. It instructs you to change the CD’s player to a specific track on the car’s CD player.  These clues continue until you find yourself (hopefully), at the final destination.  I’m thinking it’s a pay phone with a number that you would call to claim your prize.

So, the question is, most ZipCar drivers rent a car with a task in mind.  Would you stray off the beaten path in the name of adventure?

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