A hit

As an effort to record the more memorable things going on, I thought I’d toss this little doo dad up.

I was biking down to my final day of jury duty (for a guy who punched a loud public cellphone talker in the face), and was crossing an intersection, when a Prius cut two lanes left and ran into the front of my bike, causing me to eat its front quarter panel. Embarrassed, I picked up myself and my bike, and hobbled over to the side of the road. By this time, the Prius driver was two blocks away. I limped to jury duty, and sat in silence for three hours.

When I got back to my office, I wrote the following Craigslist ad (with my good friend, Ryan’s help):

Fast forward to October 7th, when I received an email from my friend Lalit:


Jay Leno just read your missed connection from Craigslist. You are sure to
find her now, would love to buy tickets to your coffee brawl.

The video he mentions is available here:

So, for all you aspiring writers out there wondering how to get their foot in the door with Jay Leno, I hope this post helps you find your way.

Posted by on 11/17 at 11:37 AM

A post every 6 months. I like!

Posted by  on  11/18  at  06:49 AM

I read that post on craigslist and didn’t know it was you.  I was laughing my ass off.

Posted by Walter Martin  on  01/25  at  01:19 PM
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