Idea - GPS for runners
Thursday, February 17, 2011

Most running / biking / walking applications address the activities by recording the activity for later analyzation.  To my knowledge, I haven’t seen an app that assists you in creating and guiding you through an ad hoc run.

A rough idea of an experience with the application:

User is visiting Cincinnati, Ohio and has time for a 30 minute run.
They start the application, input 30 minutes, and it formulates a path for them.
While jogging, they can listen to their music, and will get periodic text-to-speech directions.

Additional options could be to adjust difficulty (more hills, higher pace, etc) and rate produced paths for other users.

It’ll make millions, I tell ya.  Millions.

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Tuesday, February 01, 2011

As part of a week experiment with my good friend, Mr. Dave Marr, we dove headfirst into playing with the new peer-to-peer technologies afforded to us by the latest Flash Player.

In the past, if you wanted a Flash application on one machine to talk to another, there was a heavy sigh, and the matter of setting up a Flash Media Server always ended the discussion.

With the latest Flash Player, they’ve removed that dependency, and have made it super simple for one-to-many (well, 16 maximum users) communication.

Our experiment, which I lazily dubbed ‘Convo’, allows users to chat with one another by simply going to a webpage and entering a group id.

So, go and try it out.  I’ll be the one breathing heavy on the other end…

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