Compare internet files with ease!
Tuesday, July 27, 2010

When dealing with a CDN-based platform, the issue of synced files is often an issue. You’ve deployed to the CDN, and are curious if the deployed file is the updated file.

After running across this issue several times, I built a quick shell script to easily determine if two online files are the same.

After downloading, you’ll use it like this: URL1 URL2

If the files match, you’ll get:

Otherwise, you’ll get:
Different. Are either URLs password protected?

Download here:

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OS X screencap + dropbox = win
Thursday, July 01, 2010

With the introduction of applications such as Skitch and Pastebot into my everyday workflow, I’ve found myself yearning for multi-step historical clipboards.

One alternative to Skitch that I’ve construed was using the native screen capture functionality of OS X, and teaming it up with the unstoppable online storage service, Dropbox, storing all screen captures in a location that allows for persistent storage as well as very simple sharing.

First, if you haven’t, sign up for a Dropbox account. It’s free for 1GB of online storage:

Install Dropbox. It will create a folder in your /Users/USERNAME directory

Second, modify the location of your OS X screen captures to your Dropbox. You can do this by invoking the following command in terminal:
defaults write location /Users/USERNAME/Dropbox/Photos/

And you’re ready to go! No more Skitch-running-in-the-background necessary to easily share screen captures online.

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